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Would you like a Paralympic Experience in your school, college, club or workplace?

Wheelchair Basketball is one of the few Paralympic sports that can be fully experienced by able bodied people. JA’s Roadshow can provide the specialist basketball wheelchairs, the basketballs, and a fully qualified and extremely experienced coach who has an enhanced DBS to provide your students or employees with an experience they will never forget!

Would you like to give your pupils or employees the opportunity to try this great sport?  You provide the indoor venue, preferably with basketball rings and up to 20 individuals at a time will be given a once in a lifetime experience.

Feedback from pupils:

"Extremely fun and exciting. I would love to do it again" (James, 13)
"Very fun, challenging and a brilliant sport to take up" (George, 13)

“Excellent day! Much more respect for the athletes” (Jasper, 15)

“Great fun, well coached and an incredible sport” (Ashley, 16)

“Loads of fun, a once in a lifetime opportunity” (Hannah, 15)

"Where can I sign up?!" (Erin, 13)
"Fantastic as always" (Mr Hughes)

"50 Shades of awesome" (Harry, 13)

"It was epic and I want to join a club!" (Lucy, 13)

"So fun that I might chop my legs off!" (Skye, 13)
"Fantastic experience must do it again. Thanks" (Sid, 14)

"That was sick I want to play it again sometime soon" (Kyle, 13)
"Really great fun. A new and interesting experience. Thank you!" (Megan, 14)

Who is JA?

Jill Anderson qualified as a PE teacher and has taught in Primary, Middle and Upper Schools in Suffolk before retiring in 2009.

Jill was one of the founding parents of the Bury Bombers Wheelchair Basketball Club. The club was started in 1997 to give children in Suffolk an opportunity to compete in a disabled sport.  At this time, there were no opportunities for disabled youngsters to experience a competitive sport; taster sessions had been offered by an adult team in the area, but they could not properly cater for children.  The local leisure centre was persuaded to hire out one badminton court with baskets while the club acquired a small lottery grant to purchase sports wheelchairs and the enthusiasm for this exciting sport began.

Within three years, Jill obtained the Great Britain Wheelchair Basketball Association Level 2 Wheelchair Coaching Qualification and took over as head coach of Bury Bombers.  In her first year as coach, she took the Bury Bombers to the National Championship finals at the Stoke Mandeville Junior Games and the team came away with gold!!  Over the intervening years the Club has gone from strength to strength and has rapidly become a noteworthy name in the National League.

The Club started out with only junior players but now it caters for adult players and has a development section for all age groups and abilities, including those with learning difficulties and hearing impairments. Now as Head Coach, Jill works tirelessly with all levels of abilities; continuing to coach at grass roots level while working with the teams in the National Divisions. She has been an integral part in the development of players who have been chosen to compete for their country at both junior and senior level, one of whom was a member of Team GB in the London 2012 Paralympics. A second player represented GB Juniors at the World Championships in 2013 and another player moved to Europe to play professionally after playing in the Bombers 1st team for the previous 3 years.

The ‘Roadshows’ were started when pupils at Jill's last school showed an interest in the sport and she has now worked all over the Eastern Region in Primary, Junior, Secondary and Sixth Form establishments. This also includes schools for pupils with moderate and severe learning difficulties.  Jill uses her experience in teaching to great affect when working with children of all ages, regardless of background, ability and behavioural issues.  The pupils at every school where Jill has run Roadshows have greatly enjoyed the experience and often ask at the end of the day, “Can I have a basketball wheelchair please?”!!

Jill was named ‘St Edmundsbury Coach of the Year’ in 2010/11 and also in 2011/12.  She continues to develop her own coaching abilities by working with other coaches and attending specialised training courses in disabled sport. She has recently successfully passed a Classifiers course and is currently undertaking her British Wheelchair Basketball Level 3 coaching qualification.

On the left > Jill Anderson

Jill is the founder and Head Coach of JA's Roadshows. As you have already read, Jill is a fully qualified award winning wheelchair basketball coach, ex-teacher and worthy ambassador for disability sport in the East Anglia region. She has lead Bury Bombers to countless successes at regional and national level and has been involved in teaching both adults and children  to play wheelchair basketball for nearly two decades!

In the middle > Hugh Anderson

Hugh has been playing wheelchair basketball since the age of 12 and is the reason Jill got into wheelchair basketball in the first place. He has played for the Bury team along with competing in Cambridge, Sheffield, London and also playing professionally in Germany. Hugh has represented Great Britain at Under 23 level and is currently playing for London Titans in the top division in the UK. He brings a high level of skill to JA's Roadshows and is an ideal candidate for demonstrating how wheelchair basketball is done!

On the right > Barry Anderson

Completing the family picture, Barry, Jill's husband, has been part of JA's Roadshows since its inception. Unsurprisingly, Barry also comes from a very sporting background, being involved at hockey at national and international level. After retiring from competing he became one of the top Umpires in the England and has continued being involved with his sport. Barry joined the Bury Bombers as Team Manager in 2009 and hasn't looked back. He brings not only a sporting background but a high level of skill in regards to refereeing and always officiates the competitions at the end of the Roadshow day.

What happens in a Roadshow?

Each experience is tailored to the individual school, taking account of the age range and abilities of the pupils. The Roadshow can cater for children aged 7 and over. Times are decided by the school but with a suggested minimum session of 60 minutes. The Roadshow generally caters for a maximum of 20 pupils at a time; however, on a few occasions a means of working with more than 20 pupils has been developed by pairing them up and working with half the group at a time.

The experience includes chair safety and ball handling.  In dealing with the safety issues of the wheelchairs and building the children's confidence, various games are used to develop their chair skills.  They are shown how to push, turn and stop the wheelchair safely with regard to wheelchair basketball rules and fouls, so the children get an understanding of the skill of the game.  When basketballs are introduced, the children have the opportunity to build up their bouncing ability whilst improving their wheelchair control before passing is begun.

Depending on the ages, abilities and availability of basketball rings, a shooting experience will also be given. The children will learn the proper shooting techniques, including stationary and moving shots in a safe and controlled manner.  This is always a very popular part of the training element of the day.

Some team challenges will be set and hopefully a game played at the end. The game will utilise all the elements and skills that the children have learnt throughout the day.  Because of Jill’s experience as a PE teacher, she selects teams to allow fair competition for all.  Electronic timing equipment is provided and the children get to experience a proper match situation.  All teams are encouraged to support each other which helps promote a brilliant atmosphere and engender team spirit; a positive way to end the pupil’s ‘experience’.  This will all be subject to time and ability but a rewarding experience can be guaranteed. Staff are encouraged to get involved.

Health and Safety is vital and the school will be required to provide details of their establishment before the Roadshow arrives and it will be expected that the pupils are properly attired (no earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings, loose clothing etc.).  Feedback from the children is encouraged at the end of the session by the use of ‘post it’ notes. A Feedback Form is sent to the school after the session.  So far the feedback has been 100% positive with no overall score being less than 5 out of 5!

How can JA’s Roadshows enhance your curriculum?

The areas where JA's Roadshows can help your school are countless. The promotion of wheelchair basketball and disability awareness brings students together to experience a sport that they probably haven't undertaken before. It creates camaraderie between different ages, encourages young leaders to take charge and inspire others. It helps demonstrate to under achieving students, from both an educational and sporting scenario,  that anything is possible and great things can be achieved through hard work and learning.

With wheelchair basketball being such a unique sport, it generally places everyone at the same level, creating an equal playing field. Teacher's have commented that they see a different side to their pupils, as they have the chance to shine at something new.

JA's Roadshows can also be used as a purely educational purpose, teaching children about disability and adversity, encouraging students to not feel sorry for disabled people but to admire what they do and achieve. We have facilitated numerous establishments to deliver Paralympic days, activity events, reward schemes and general extra-curriculum sports clubs. In every situation, the students, regardless of age or ability, have gone away from the day with an amazing life experience and have loved every moment of the day.

How can wheelchair basketball help your business?

Having worked successfully with businesses in fundraising events for the Bury Bombers Wheelchair Basketball Club, JA's Roadshows wants to get involved in team building experiences with your business!

Why does playing wheelchair basketball help my company I hear you ask? Two simple words; team building! To play any group sport, team work is required, and to play a sport that most, if not all, of your employees have never been involved with before, creates an ideal team bonding experience.

Working  in a company requires good team work, sound leadership skills, flexibility to working life and so many more attributes to being a successful employee and profitable business. Wheelchair basketball ticks the box in so many of these areas, encouraging your staff to step outside their comfort zone and try something new. With their work colleagues also trying this, working together will bring a new dimension to their day, and have a lot of fun while doing it.

We have only recently been involved with companies in a team building scenario but have been working with businesses in a fundraising capacity for nearly a decade. We know how to work with all ages and abilities, but don't just take it from us, read the quotes below from Baxter Healthcare, a company that JA's Roadshows recently worked with.

Rosalyn Prior - Business Improvement Manager - Baxter Healthcare

“These events are important to companies because we need to work together as a team, to make sure we all know what our strengths and weaknesses are and we can know each other better outside of work and that makes us work better as a team inside of work in a high pressured environment.”

Judie McCourt - Finance Manager - Baxter Healthcare

“We've had so much fun today and it has helped us understand our team and it was really easy to organise, so we will definitely use JA's Roadshows again.”

Graham Sewell - Global Purchasing Manager Compounding - Baxter Healthcare

“Wheelchair basketball is just a lot better than other team building events that we've done. The best thing about it is you can get going almost right away with it, so you have a bit of training and you can do a lot more with it that you thought.”

Put your School/College/Club on the Map!!

All the schools JA's Roadshows has visited, including Primary, Middle, Upper and 6th Form Colleges, are shown on this map. Also, the Disability Events, Sports clubs and Businesses that JA's Roadshows has been showcased at are also shown. Many of these schools, sports clubs and disability events have invited JA's Roadshows back because of its popularity and success!

Ormiston Victory Academy
Debenham High School
Stowmarket Upper School
Lakenheath Primary School
Ashley MLD School
Sewell Park School
Hills Road Sixth Form College
Ely College
East Point Academy
Norwich City CSF
East Point Academy School Games